About us

IDENTsmart is a provider of modern web-based personal identification solutions based on contactless ID cards (RFID standard) for companies. This allows employee times to be recorded correctly, including home work or work outside of the company premises via web browser registrations.

With the new web-based system management of employee data, working time models, vacation accounts, etc. can be controlled and adjusted easily and clearly from different devices (PC, tablet, smartphone) via browser.

No local installations are necessary because of the cloud-based database system.

Touchscreen terminals of the ID500 series and the successor system ID800 have been used by over 4000 customers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland since 2017.

Experienced team

The company was founded in Munich in 2015 by a very experienced team from development and marketing. The product and development team has over 20 years of experience in time recording systems and developed one of the first chip card solutions in Germany in 2005: “Chipdrive”. Of these, over 30,000 systems have been sold worldwide.