IDENTsmart TimeRecording

Maximum flexibility

Whether full-time, part-time, short-time or flexitime, every conceivable working time model can be individually created and managed. Wages and overtime can be calculated based on your working time profiles and perfectly prepared for payroll accounting.

Holidays, core time, capping time, fixed and variable breaks can be set.

As unique as your company

At IDENTsmart, we know from our years of experience that no two companies are alike. But all of our customers have one thing in common: they all want a reliable system. TimeRecording is the solution for comprehensive time recording and management. 

▶ Combined time recording in the browser-based solution and via one or more terminals. The dashboard shows from where the time was recorded and the data is displayed collectively. Record time in the browser by clicking, clock in and out at the terminal by using chip cards or tokens.
▶ Time recording in our browser-based solution. No matter which device, operable from everywhere. Start and end working time with just one click, view your own times and manage all employees as an admin.

Try TimeRecording for 60 days free of charge

✔ 60 day free trial without commitment

✔ No credit card or bank account required

✔ Test account ends automatically

✔ Data can be transferred after the test period

✔ Server in Germany

✔ No transfer of your data to third parties

Use the free trial access and give modern time recording a try

Easily clock in and out on a physical time clock

Recording work hours must be simple. Employees clock in using an RFID card or token (chip). Every arrival, departure, break or other absence is registered quickly and easily from multiple locations. The team leader can view everything in real-time and centralized in the TimeRecording dashboard.

Employee time and attendance made in Europe

The cloud-based software and time clocks are developed and produced in Germany and Austria. The server and database are located in Germany.
We always strive to provide the best solution for our customers so that you are always up to date!

Reports the way you want them

Many different insights are possible with the various filter functions. Everything on one page: reporting the way you want it and perfectly prepared for payroll.

Any device

Whether in home office or on the go

Whether Mac or Windows computers, Android or iOS tablets and smartphones, or at the time clock, your employees can access Timerecording from any device. They can easily clock in or out and view their account balance at any time. All attendances and absences end up centrally in the dashboard.

Legally compliant and secure

Our terminals are developed and produced in Germany and have the “IT Security made in Germany” seal of quality. Our IDENTsmart products are DSGVO compliant and our certified servers are located exclusively in Germany and Austria.

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More information

How does time recording with IDENTsmart work?

We want to fulfill all requirements with our product. Therefore, you choose how TimeRecording can make your work easier. Different feature plans allow you to customize the solution specifically to your needs.

▶ You don’t need any special features and just want to record time and your employees reliably and easily? The Basic Plan could be just what you need.

▶ Your company is larger and you need a system that supports you more comprehensively? You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our Advanced solution.

▶ The system should not only record time efficiently, but also be able to master individual settings ideally? With the Premium Plan, you are on the safe side.

What are the advantages of time recording with IDENTsmart?

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The right pricing for every company

Our system is perfectly suited for any size of company. Whether for a small business with the basic features or for many employees and even more flexibility – with us you are always well advised.