IDENTsmart TimeRecording terminals

Modern time recording terminals with intuitive touch screen

Terminals specially developed for IDENTsmart TimeRecording for optimized flexibility. Within a very short time, the terminals can be deployed at any location. The number of terminals can be easily adapted to the growth of the company. The recording of bookings is contactless via RFID tokens or RFID cards.

ID800 - Easy working time recording at the terminal

Ingeniously simple implementation of working time recording. The working times are registered contactless at the terminal. Any number of terminals can be installed quickly and easily at various locations. The connection to the IDENTsmart time recording system works via Wi-Fi. If there is no connection to IDENTsmart TimeRecording, the bookings are temporarily stored offline.

ID800 Terminal

TimeRecording Starter kit Basic

Starter kit BASIC
expandable at any time

Complete package with terminal including 15 – 30 tokens
or cards and web application Basic (Annual license)

Timerecording BASIC functions

  • Number of Terminals: unlimited
  • Number of employees: unlimited
  • Working time models: unlimited
  • Holiday calendar: unlimited
  • Absence reasons: unlimited
  • Web bookings by employee : yes
  • Basic license (up to 15 employees)
    flat rate 150,00 EUR net / Year
  • License for 5 additional employees
    50,00 EUR net/Year