IDENTsmart TimeRecording Pricing and Features

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Starter kit BASIC
expandable at any time

Complete package with terminal including 15 – 30 tokens
or cards and web application Basic (Annual license)

Timerecording BASIC functions

  • Number of Terminals: unlimited
  • Number of employees: unlimited
  • Working time models: unlimited
  • Holiday calendar: unlimited
  • Absence reasons: unlimited
  • Web bookings by employee : yes
  • Basic license (up to 15 employees)
    flat rate 150,00 EUR net / Year
  • License for 5 additional employees
    50,00 EUR net/Year

Authorization system




Individually expandable at any time.

Additional functions on request…

Single components


for 15 Employees
Per Year
including demo, basic training and support
  • ID800 terminal connection
  • Dashboard
  • Booking processing
  • Working time models
  • Variable breaks
  • Holiday calendar
  • Evaluation / PDF report

IDENTsmart ID800 Terminal

Price per Terminal
No follow-up costs

Price for employee cards
and employee tokens

10 Pack - no follow-up costs
  • 5 Pack available for € 65,50

More than 30 employees?

Would you like an individual offer?

You can create your individual TimeRecording BASIC package with our configurator form.

Select the number of required time recording terminals and employee licenses.
Decide for yourself how many cards or tokens you need.

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✔ No transfer of your data to third parties

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